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5 Tips to Help You Sell Your House During the Holidays in Northern Kentucky

5 Tips to Help You Sell Your House During the Holidays in Northern Kentucky

You’ve probably heard it before: winter is not a good time to sell a house, especially during the holidays. Yes, it is true that the real estate market heats up during the spring and summer, but the holiday season can also be a good time to sell. There are fewer homes for sale in Northern Kentucky, but the buyers who are out and about, though fewer, are typically serious buyers. With the right preparation and approach, you can indeed sell during the holidays. Check out these 5 tips to help you sell your house during the holidays in Northern Kentucky.

1. Price It Right

Whether you want to sell your house during the holidays in Northern Kentucky or at any other time, pricing correctly – pricing to sell – is the first, most important step. 

“You and your listing agent will most likely come up with a pricing strategy together based on comparable homes in the area, what the current housing market is doing, and what the demand for housing looks like or is projected to do. Ultimately, several variables go into pricing your home to sell.”

Your Northern Kentucky REALTOR can perform a comparative market analysis, which will consider the many variables to help you price in line with market value. To talk to an agent about this, you can call (859) 780-3000.

One effective strategy you can deploy in pricing to sell is to use strategic price points. It’s the old retail trick of ending a price in a number that makes it seem smaller, for example, pricing at $1.99 so that it seems to buyers a bargain because it’s less than $2.00. “This simple manipulation of pricing is called setting strategic price points and actually makes the price of something appear smaller (or cheaper) than it really is. The same exact concept works when pricing your house to sell. For example, if you decide your home could sell for $500,000, pricing it at $499,000 can (theoretically) draw in more traffic and possibly more offers. Another reason to do this is to make sure your property appears in as many searches as possible. Sometimes, buyers will have their search parameters set to show properties that are below a certain number, e.g. – less than $500,000. If your property is priced at $500,000, it will not show up on their search results…even though it is only $1,000 above their search criteria.”

2. Cut Back on Holiday Decorations

It may be difficult to do, but if you want to sell your house during the holidays, you should cut back on the holiday decorations. Yes, you can and should decorate for the holidays, but do it judiciously and exercise some restraint.

“Too many decorations can be overwhelming and distracting. . . . Minimizing decorations will make your home appear more spacious and will keep pathways clear. When buyers enter your home, you want them to imagine putting their furniture in each room and making the place their own, and they can’t do that if your holiday decorations dominate the stage.”

3. Depersonalize

Similarly, you must depersonalize to sell your house, especially during the holidays. Your goal should be to create a blank-palette effect in your home so that potential buyers can envision themselves living there with all their belongings in place. 

But if your home is filled with highly personal items like family photos, memorabilia, quirky knick-knacks, and so on, buyers will have difficulty imagining themselves living there and enjoying the holidays in their new home. So try to remove as many highly personal items as possible so buyers can picture your house as their home. This same concept also applies to paint colors. If you are going to paint before putting your house on the market, you should avoid bold, bright colors and instead go with a more neutral palette.

4. Use Holiday Scents and Treats

It is the holidays, after all, so it’s also a good idea to take advantage of the appeal of holiday scents and treats. 

For example, when buyers come for a showing, you could put out, say, gingerbread cookies, Christmas candy, and/or other holiday goodies. And don’t forget the subconscious power of scents and aromas. Try using natural, holiday-scented candles placed strategically throughout your home. Just make sure the smells are not overpowering.

5. Work on Curb Appeal

Do not neglect curb appeal if you want to sell your home during the holidays. We typically don’t give much thought to the appearance of our yard during the winter, but you should. Nothing creates a great first impression like an attractive yard and exterior.

“During these winter days, your lawn may not be as lush green as it usually is during the summertime, and your trees may be barren. That’s why making your curb appeal a top priority is necessary when selling your home in winter. Make sure to pick up all the sticks, dead leaves, and debris so that your lawn is neatly trimmed. Even during the colder months, a few weeds that poke up from the ground can make your lawn seem neglected.”

Also, trim those neglected shrubs and put new mulch in beds. And be sure to touch up exterior paint where needed. You might also consider installing an attractive new front door, or painting the door you have.

Lean on Your Northern Kentucky Agent’s Expertise

These are indeed some great tips to help you sell your house during the holidays in Northern Kentucky, but there’s more you need to consider. And that means chiefly the fact that what works in one local market may not work well in another. That’s where an experienced local Northern Kentucky agent comes in. Your agent will know exactly what you need to do in the local market – what appeals most to buyers – to sell at this time of year. So if you plan to sell your house during the holidays, be sure to contact us at (859) 780-3000.

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