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You’ve heard of the rest, now check out the best! Tom Maldonado Real Estate is here to assist you with the sale of your house or commercial property located in KY.

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“Tom was patient in helping us find something that we loved.”

“An absolutely top-notch experience with Tom. We could not be happier! We moved from out of state and were looking for land in a specific radius with a particular price point. Tom was patient in helping us find something that we loved. He went to the property multiple times to walk around through chest-high weeds and brush to give us a video tour. Tom helped us track down information from the county and state, got questions answered by the seller, and worked with us to develop the right negotiation strategy. He made closing out of state a breeze. We are now preparing to build a home on our land and have Tom to thank for it.”

– – Dan & Elony M.

Selling a house in Northern Kentucky should be easy, fast, and put the most money in your pocket

Selling a house or property is a big deal. Starting out, however, you may find yourself with lots of important questions. Is it a good time to sell at the moment? What value might my house fetch in a sale when I list it? It may be different than what Zillow or Redfin thinks! How can I pick a good agent? How can I maximize my sale price and minimize my effort as a homeowner? Tom Maldonado Real Estate can answer all of those questions for you!

I have worked with people just like you all over Northern Kentucky. I truly know how to help you sell fast with minimal stress on your part. Let’s get started and find you a great buyer!

sell your home fast with our team of experienced agents

When We Sell Your House, We Put More Money In Your Pocket – Not Ours

You’ve got a large number of options when it comes to picking a real estate agent. If you want the best service, however, I’d suggest going with an experienced company. You certainly can find a low-rate company, but then you end up getting low-rate service too. If you’d like to sell your house for a top-of-the-line price tag, I’d suggest working with me. I am ready to get your property as much exposure as I can to find you a great buyer. I’ve also got the experience to market your house with the right message, to find you the right buyer. Excellent marketing techniques can greatly increase your chance of finding a good buyer quickly.

I will work hard to find you a buyer as quickly as possible. Our guidelines for commission are reasonable and easy to understand for our clients. I am happy to explain how the selling process will go when working with me.

I am happy to help you figure out what your house is worth. I will put my local area knowledge and years of experience to work for you. I can break down the value I think your house has and get to work to sell your house as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.

When You Sell Your House With Tom Maldonado Real Estate…

Step 1
I answer the question you’re probably asking, “what’s my house worth?” I research your property and its details including evaluating the area’s home values to provide you with a free Home Value Report.

Step 2
I will then recommend a target “sale price” and provide a selling plan that will fetch you as much money as possible and still manage to sell the house in your needed timeline.

Step 3
You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of peace of mind because you have an expert working on your behalf. The commission you’ll pay if I find you a buyer is reasonable. You can also cancel the plan at any time you need to.

Step 4
From listing to “Sold!”, I will handle all of the work so that you are able to enjoy living your life.

My Expertise Will Save You Time, Money, And Stress When You Sell Your House In Northern Kentucky

A property that lingers for too long on the MLS without selling can start to lose appeal for buyers. They might begin to think that there is something wrong with it. While it sits unsold it also ends up costing you more and more money. I have heard from all sorts of people who have tried to sell their house by acting as their own agent, or by working with an inexperienced real estate agent. When dealing with the sale of a house, an expert hand is ideal! I have helped people in that situation to get things figured out after they’ve been unable to sell their house, or their still-green agent hasn’t either.

I am proud to offer a top-notch marketing plan to get your house sold fast. Making sure the right people know about your listing can increase the odds of finding a good buyer and means your house won’t linger on the marketplace. Doing so means you can go from listing to selling faster than average.

Do you Know What Your Northern Kentucky Area Home is Worth?

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